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QEHB Library Service is a multidisciplinary knowledge service supporting Trust staff in all departments and students during their placements.

We provide quality-assessed information, evidence-based resources and information skills training at the point of need in support of clinical practice, healthcare management and leadership, clinical research, ongoing professional development and academic study.

Our purpose is to contribute towards improving patient outcomes and helping to deliver the best in care.


Our library, open 24/7, holds around 8,000 books and provides access to 50 computers, study tables and our Staff Wellbeing Zone.

We also have three rooms – The IT Room, The Meeting Room and The Training Room – which can be booked for meetings and training. To request a booking, complete the form here: http://uhbhome/book-a-room-in-the-library.htm and a member of the library team will respond as soon as possible.

We are always looking to improve our services and are happy to take suggestions including recommendations for book and journal purchases. Please let us know by contacting us directly or completing our form at: http://uhbeducation/Education/library-feedback.htm

You can find the latest library updates from our newsletter. Pick up a print copy in the library or at one of our stands or view our online copy at

BASE Library Survey 2019

BASE LogoThis survey was written by library staff in August 2019 and is aimed at all permanent and temporary NHS staff members, bank and agency workers, students, trainees and volunteers on placement at BASE library organisations. Your response will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete, is anonymous and will help us to develop the service. Results of the survey will be collated and published. Also available as paper version (download PDF) or at The survey opens on 1st October 2019 and closes on 20th December 2019. Please see contact details for your BASE library here or email: or tel. 0121 424 9824.

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