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Knowledge Management

Healthcare is a knowledge based industry. Sharing the ‘know-how’ of staff, using research evidence and implementing best practice are all business critical. Knowledge mobilisation emphasises learning throughout an activity’s lifecycle: learning before, during and after. The Library Service will assist teams in using the available tools. Click on the link below to the Knowledge Management Toolkit for more information and case studies.

What is Mobilising Evidence? – short video explaining the concepts

Knowledge Management Toolkit (including access to Knowledge Cafes, Randomised Coffee Trials)

Want to join a randomised coffee trial? Check out information here and sign up at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust!

Books on Knowledge Management stocked via the BASE Library Network

Knowledge Management E-Learning Programme

Health Education England video on Mobilising Health Knowledge

BASE Library Survey 2019

BASE LogoThis survey was written by library staff in August 2019 and is aimed at all permanent and temporary NHS staff members, bank and agency workers, students, trainees and volunteers on placement at BASE library organisations. Your response will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete, is anonymous and will help us to develop the service. Results of the survey will be collated and published. Also available as paper version (download PDF) or at The survey opens on 1st October 2019 and closes on 20th December 2019. Please see contact details for your BASE library here or email: or tel. 0121 424 9824.

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