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Who can make and receive copies under the CLA Licence?

The CLA Licence covers all those working for, and contracted by, the NHS and other organisations created under the Health & Social Care Act 2012. This includes public health staff employed by local authorities, hospice staff, the staff of all Department of Health arms’ length bodies and special health authorities, as well as students on placement, university staff contracted to work for the NHS, and non-NHS librarians who provide services to the NHS staff. Under the CLA Licence ‘Plus’, staff working for NHS collaboration partners’ (non-NHS organisations with their own CLA Licence who need to share copies with NHS staff as part of collaboration projects) are also covered.

What can be copied under the Licence?

The Licence enables all of the above to make copies from almost everything that has been purchased by or is subscribed to by any organisation within the NHS in England. A small number of books and journals are excluded from the licence, and some works published outside the UK may not be copied digitally. The best way to check is via the CLA’s Check Permissions tool at (select the Public Sector Licence option from the drop-down list).

If a journal or other copyright work has been donated to your library, it may be regarded as being owned by the NHS.

Under the CLA Licence:

  • You may copy two articles from a single issue of a journal (or several articles from an issue if on the same theme), or up to one chapter or 5% of a book (whichever is greater)
  • Multiple copies and copies of copies’ are allowed
  • Copyright declarations are not needed
  • Scanned and digital copies may be stored on an intranet or secure network, but not within an indexed and searchable centralised database
  • Only single paper copies may be made for patients and carers

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