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Your placement with the NHS will most likely be in Birmingham or the Black Country. Placements outside of these areas are primarily in hospitals outside of the NHS and are not serviced by NHS libraries.

The BASE collection is multidisciplinary, but may be particularly strong in one area within your hospital or Trust, depending on any specialisation. There are over 42,000 titles in the collection, equating to almost 83,000 actual items!

How do I join BASE libraries?

Register at your ‘home’ BASE library. This entitles you to access the collections of all the libraries in the BASE consortium. Download the registration form to complete and return to your ‘home’ BASE library, taking your Trust or Student ID badge with you.

You will be given a BASE library card. Keep this card to use at your next placement if that Trust is part of the BASE consortium. Update your details with the library at your next placement.

I am a medical student on a GP practice placement, can I use BASE libraries?

GP placement students outside of central Birmingham can use their nearest BASE library. Those on placement within central Birmingham should use the Barnes Library.

How do I get an ‘OpenAthens’ password?

OpenAthens is a single login, giving you access to multiple professional academic resources, such as e-books, full text e-journals and health databases. You will already have access to databases and journals through your university OpenAthens account.

Click here to register for an NHS OpenAthens login

An NHS account may give you access to different or additional e-resources. Library staff will be happy to provide advice on resources available through your NHS OpenAthens account.

Computing facilities are provided at many libraries in the BASE consortium, please ask staff at your ‘home’ library for information. Training on NHS resources may also be available, please ask.

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BASE Library Survey 2019

BASE LogoThis survey was written by library staff in August 2019 and is aimed at all permanent and temporary NHS staff members, bank and agency workers, students, trainees and volunteers on placement at BASE library organisations. Your response will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete, is anonymous and will help us to develop the service. Results of the survey will be collated and published. Also available as paper version (download PDF) or at The survey opens on 1st October 2019 and closes on 20th December 2019. Please see contact details for your BASE library here or email: or tel. 0121 424 9824.

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