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Contact information

Mobile: Depending on whether you opt to receive notifications by text message, we will send notifications to this mobile number.

Work email: Only,,, and email addresses are permitted and should not already exist on system. Please remember if using upper case and lower case letters in your email address.

Home email: Any email address is permitted and should not already exist on the system.


Home library: This is the library at the Trust/Organisation where you normally work or study. Please see the list of libraries here for more information.

Additional information

Student ID Number: Please note NHS staff do not need to provide any ID number

Additional assistance requested: We want to make sure all our staff and students on placement receive relevant support and advice from library staff. Whether you have a physical disability or health condition, a learning difficulty or mental health condition – even if you don’t consider yourself to be disabled – the library will be able to help with book fetching, extended loans and assistance in our libraries such as providing colour overlays and reading rulers to help our members with visual impairments. Indicating “Yes” here notifies us that you need additional assistance and are eligible to receive the standard loan plus half loan period again, and other services available.

Library card – preferred delivery or collection: Your library will contact you within 2 working days of receiving your application to advise you on the options available for library card delivery or collection. Some libraries may deliver to a home or work address, and some may require you to collect your card from the library with valid ID.

Marketing options

This indicates that you would like to receive relevant library service communications from BASE Library or your local library. This does not include standard notices, such as item overdue, these settings can be adjusted via messaging preferences from your account once logged in.


You will receive a reminder by email, text or both if you have items on loan that are overdue, and you cannot opt out of this notification. You will receive a notification 2 days before an item is due, and when you have a reserved item available for collection, which you can change from your account. Indicate your preferred way of receiving reminders here.  


You can set your own account password for use when you have received your library card. Please select a password using at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 number. To reset your password at any time use the change or forgotten password link – please have your work email address or library card number at hand.

BASE Library Survey 2019

BASE LogoThis survey was written by library staff in August 2019 and is aimed at all permanent and temporary NHS staff members, bank and agency workers, students, trainees and volunteers on placement at BASE library organisations. Your response will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete, is anonymous and will help us to develop the service. Results of the survey will be collated and published. Also available as paper version (download PDF) or at The survey opens on 1st October 2019 and closes on 20th December 2019. Please see contact details for your BASE library here or email: or tel. 0121 424 9824.

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