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Have you changed your password?

If you have never changed your library password, we strongly advise you to do so, to avoid any unauthorised access to your library account.

It’s easy to change the password for your library account!

  • Go to and click or tap ‘Log in to My Account‘.
  • Enter your library card number and your current password/PIN (if you have not changed your password it will still be set at the default of ‘1111’).
  • Go to ‘change your password’ and enter your new password.
  • If you are unable to access your library account, please contact your BASE Library.

Get text messages from your library!

Would you like a text message when your books are due or you have a book to collect from us?

Base Libraries are now offering free text alerts for members.

To start using the service, please enter your mobile telephone number, work email address and another identifier such as your name or library card number in the boxes. By entering your details you are consenting to your personal information being processed and held according to the Privacy Notice

You can also log into your account and go to 'your messaging' to enter your SMS number and messaging options, or contact your local Base Library to opt in. You can remove your number at any time from your account to stop receiving texts.