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Here at the QE Library, there are a multitude of training courses which all staff members and students on placement can attend in order to help enhance and facilitate their Evidence-Based Practice and continuing professional development.

The courses currently available include:

Searching Healthcare Databases 

This session will give you hands-on experience with performing your own literature searches showing how you can refine your search strategy in order to retrieve the most accurate results. The course will also explain the different levels of evidence and techniques you can apply when searching healthcare databases.

Evidence-Based Practice and Critical Appraisal Workshop

This workshop consists of group exercises and activities to consolidate knowledge. Within this session, the trainer will explain research bias, the use of common clinical statistics, and how to interpret forest plots and statistics in randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews. There will also be opportunities for Q&As.

Critical Appraisal of a Randomised Control Trial

This session will explore the biases that can be found in trials and how these can affect the validity of results. The essential components of RCTs will be discussed and practical ‘breakout’ sessions will allow participants to undertake a critical appraisal of a published RCT. Statisticians will be on hand to direct discussion.

Statistics for Research (SPSS) 

This course is for researchers using data analysis software for the first time or who need to refresh their skills. This course is divided into two parts: firstly, a brief introductory session to prepare your dataset for analysis followed by an introduction to to IBM SPSS Statistics software and the opportunity to apply relevant statistical procedures.

Our experienced statistician will host the session and help you to:

  • organise a dataset prior to analysis and check for errors using Microsoft Excel
  • trasnfer data into SPSS Statistics for further analysis
  • assess whether it is valid to assume a variable has a Normal distribution
  • use core features in SPSS to perform relevant statistical analyses.


Please visit the Library Training page on the Intranet for the specific dates and times for the above courses.