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RWT Current Awareness Service

Keep up to date with the latest news, research and developments within your field of work by registering with our current awareness services.

KnowledgeShare – this is a highly personalised service that will deliver alerts direct to your e-mail.

Login to request updates and evidence searches. You will require an Open Athens account to use KnowledgeShare

What is KnowledgeShare

KnowledgeShare connects health care staff with their local NHS library and knowledge service. Registered users can also use KnowledgeShare to find colleagues with shared interests, helping to spread innovation and collaborate on service improvement.

NHS library and knowledge services (LKS) inform patient care, service improvement, clinical teaching and research through the provision of:

  • Evidence searches
  • Updates highlighting newly published health care information
  • Information skills teaching

KnowledgeShare allows LKS members to:

  • Request evidence searches from their LKS and find searches requested by colleagues elsewhere (where permission has been given).
  • Sign up for highly targeted updates based on their professional interests
  • Book onto LKS skills sessions and manage their bookings
  • Connect with colleagues based on shared professional interests