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Borrowing rights

Members can borrow a total of ten standard loan items for four weeks from any BASE library.

‘External’ members can borrow a total of four standard loan items for two weeks from any BASE library.

Books sourced from libraries outside the ‘BASE’ area do not count towards your borrowing limit.

Members can reserve up to ten items at any one time (External members up to four items).

You can renew an item three times without returning it, unless all copies are reserved. If you wish to borrow the item again, it should be made available to other members first for at least one week. Except where there are sufficient copies available in the library, at that time, for all members to use.

Journals cannot be borrowed.

You cannot borrow any items until your account has been recorded, checked and approved on the BASE library system.

Members can borrow from and return items to any BASE library (please check with the library for access restrictions if visiting in person).