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Members Guide to the Library Catalogue

Basic Search (no login required)

A keyword search returns all records with that keyword in any field. Single words normally generate more results. When searching for more than one word, records are returned that contain all words.

For instance, searching for Oxford Medicine returns all records containing Oxford AND Medicine anywhere in the record, i.e. in the title of the book, or the publisher, etc.

Another method of searching is to shorten (or truncate) a keyword; for instance, a search for medic returns medical, medicine, medicinal or medication.

A choice of additional search fields also appear next to the main search box as illustrated below: these are Title, Author, Subject, ISBN, Series and Call Number and they are accessed by clicking the drop down menu

Advanced search (no login required)

When you can’t find the most appropriate material with a Basic search, you can move to the Advanced Search page by clicking on the Search button at the centre of the homepage.

Here you will find many more options that will allow you to control exactly what is searched for. You can also choose to use AND, or NOT (known as Boolean operators).

The example below is a search looking for the subjects Obstetrics OR Gynaecology AND Churchill Livingstone as the publisher:

If you would like to search for a title or phrase that contains a Boolean operator, for example NOT, you can prevent the search from operating on the Boolean term by enclosing the phrase in double quotes. i.e. “How not to write a medical paper”

Search results (no login required)

Search results are ordered by date of publication with the most recent first.

You can also use the dropdown filter to reorder your results by date, title, etc.

If you want to see when a new item is added that meets your search criteria, RSS feeds will allow this. To do this, click on the RSS icon in your address bar or next to the number of results.

You can use the dropdown list to limit your search to items available in one particular library. However, results will still show other libraries that hold the title, as well as the library you have specified.

On the results overview you can also see main and other title; main and additional author names; edition statement; an icon showing material type; format and literary form; place of publication, publisher and date of publication; online access; other title; physical description and availability by library in alphabetical order.

You can choose to further refine your search using the options on the left of the screen, showing number of records in brackets.

After clicking an option you can later remove it from your results by clicking the small ‘x’ that appears to the right of it.



Click on title of the book to view a more detailed record. Subjects used in the record appear as links and will take you to further similar titles.

Select Browse shelf to see similar items on the same shelf at your chosen library

Your account (login required)

You can log into your account from the Base Library Website or the advanced search screen. You will need your library card number and password for this. To reset your password you need your library card number or registered primary email address. It is your responsibility to advise the library of any change to your contact details.

Your catalogue searches can be saved to your Search History

Your searches are retained by Koha and may be used by library staff in order to improve the service. Please see the Privacy Policy for details of our data policy

While you are logged in to your personal account you can also do the following

  • You can update your personal information via your personal details page
  • You can also add tags to book titles. These are not visible until they are approved by a librarian
  • You can add Purchase suggestions
  • You can add titles into ‘Your items’ for retrieval for this session
  • You can place a reservation on a book(s)

Placing a reservation

If a book is not available at your home library, you can place a reservation on it from another library. To reserve a book, go into the main record of the book by clicking the blue title link.

Click the Place reservation link


The Pick up location will default to home library; this can be changed if you want to pick the item up from another library.

Click Confirm hold and the item will be reserved. You will receive an email when the book is ready for collection. Holds are held for two weeks and are returned if they are not collected.


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Apply for Membership Online

If you are not yet a member of Base Library and would like to join, you can apply online at the Base Library website here.

You will need to be a new applicant and permanent or temporary NHS staff member, bank or agency worker, student, trainee or volunteer on placement at a BASE Library organisation and have an email address ending,, or gov.



BASE User Survey 2017

Sandwell Library closed for refurbishment

Sandwell Library will be closing for six months from Friday 17th March at 16.30 while the Education Centre is being refurbished.

All the staff and books will be relocating to the library at City Hospital, which is located within the Postgraduate Centre. We will be at City Library from Wednesday 22nd March but if you have any queries between these dates, please email or call us on the details below.

There will be a face to face enquiry service, Monday to Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm, and the self-service kiosk allows staff to borrow and return books 24/7, however if you are unable to make it to City, there are still plenty of ways that you can make the most of the Trust library services:

Books currently borrowed can be returned to Sandwell until 16.30 on Friday 17th March or be sent to City Library in the internal post.

To speak to a member of the library team you can phone 0121 507 3587 or e-mail

The staff are looking forward to hearing from you and also welcoming you to their brand new facility at Sandwell in Autumn 2017.

Cannock Chase Hospital Library

The library at Cannock Chase Hospital is moving to a new location and will be closed between Wednesday 22nd March and Wednesday 12th April.

The new location will be;
Education & Conference Centre,
Level 3, Cannock Chase Hospital,
Brunswick Road,
WS11 5XY

Have you changed your password?

If you have never changed your library password, we strongly advise you to do so, to avoid any unauthorised access to your library account.

It’s easy to change the password for your library account!

  • Go to and click or tap ‘Log in to My Account‘.
  • Enter your library card number and your current password/PIN (if you have not changed your password it will still be set at the default of ‘1111’).
  • Go to ‘change your password’ and enter your new password.
  • If you are unable to access your library account, please contact your BASE Library.

Subscribing to RSS feeds using Microsoft Outlook

A list of RSS feeds showing Recent Acquisitions is available from the OPAC Home Page:


These feeds are best consumed in an RSS Reader, i.e:

Using an RSS Reader

Screenshot of RSS Feed in netvibes

You may find these feeds limited using Microsoft Outlook’s RSS Reader:

MS Outlook

Use the following steps to customise the content of the feed for a better experience using Outlook.

  1. Go to OPAC Advanced Search, select your search criteria, select ‘Sort by: Acquisition date: Newest to oldest’, then press SearchSort by
  2. Select the RSS icon on the Search Results pageSearch Return Result
  3. Copy the URL and add this URL as a new feed to Microsoft OutlookAdd new RSS feed
  4. The recently acquired titles now display in the subject line:

Outlook Customised Feed






Relocation of Knowledge Services – Dudley Public Health; July 2016

Please note: Knowledge Services – Dudley Public Health, has now relocated from Falcon House, Dudley, to Dudley Public Library.

All stock has been transferred to the new service point within Dudley Public Library – Floor 2, Dudley Library, St James Road, Dudley DY1 1HR – and is now available, with other BASE Library services, at this service point [please note: due to the opening times of the Public Library, external visitors will not have access to the service point before 9:30].

If you have any queries regarding the relocation of Knowledge Services, please contact Steve Mander, Knowledge Services Manager on 01384 816604 or at, or Malcolm Cater on 01384 816159 or at